We tell you if your video content is working for your brand

measure the effectiveness of your video content across any screen, on any platform, for any outcome

We Focus on the Content

Long Form

We can tell you which shows are most popular amongst your audience and which of your shows makes you the most money. You can focus on investing in shows your audience like and generate revenue (making you more money)


We test versions of your ads so you can be sure you're running with content your audience will engage with and will have real world outcomes (like more money)


We can tell you which influencers your audience engages with to either influence your influencer strategy or refine it. If you are an influencer we can tell you what products your audience like so you can go after the right brands (earning you more money)


We can help you get the most out of the algorithms by aligning your content with the right keywords and making the most of organic impressions. This will give you more views and a bigger audience (and ultimately more money)

Any Platform

We can audit your YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or OTT channels and tell you what videos, shows, or formats are working best for you. We can tell you which content is making you the most money or growing your audience.

Any Ratio

We'll tell you if the formats you're using are working for your content, your platforms and most importantly your audiences

Any Screen

We can tell you where your audience is engaging with your content and advise on how to derive an omniscreen strategy

Not for us

We like to focus on our strengths

We want to make it totally clear what you need to outsource from other providers, or perform in-house.


We don’t do web development


We don’t offer search engine optimisation


We don’t offer in-house production capabilities


We are not an influencer-finding agency


We don't buy linear TV or other offline channels

Some kind words from our clients