We're an audience-led digital agency specialising in video

amplify your brand through actionable analysis, bespoke digital strategies, and expert execution.

Growing audiences for our clients

“We've had the amazing fortune to work on some of the worlds greatest shows, and help develop new audiences for some of the biggest broadcasters on the planet”
Thom Clark, Co-Founder
Thom Clark, Co-Founder

How we work


We use our proprietary technology to analyse your 1st , 2nd, and 3rd party data to determine your audience profile across your content, your channels, and any previous campaign performance.


We set clear goals and milestones based on your business needs and produce clear actionable strategies that feed directly into your campaigns and future ad spend.


Using a testing methodology we use your ad spend to identify which content, copy, ad formats or platforms move the needle most effectively against the benchmarks


We continually analyse our experiments and your analytics to ensure we’re optimising the most efficient campaigns to hit your goals, this is then fed back into your ongoing activity.

“No two audiences are alike just as no two brands are alike. This makes standardised strategies fundamentally flawed by their design. We know we don't have all the answers but strive to go on the journey of discovery with our clients creating truly unique campaigns tailored to each brand, and audience, we engage with.”
Kevin O'Brien, Co-Founder
Kevin O'Brien, Co-Founder


Our in depth analysis allows us to uncover patterns, trends, and insights from your complex data sets enabling you to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimise processes for better outcomes.

  • Content/channel Auditing

  • Viewership Analysis

  • Audience Analysis

  • Engagement Analysis

  • Conversion Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Monetisation Analysis

Digital activation

We take a test and learn approach to omnichannel digital activation. We take your existing assets and make them work harder to hit your KPIs by optimising your ad spend in real time across platform, focussing on actual brand metrics not just views and clickthroughs. We're completely transparent we work in our ad accounts so you keep all the data.

  • Platform Management

  • Retargeting and re-engagement

  • A/B Testing

  • Social

  • SVOD

  • Vseo

  • VOD

  • DOOH

  • Influencer


Our workshops provide an opportunity for individuals or groups to learn and collaborate on a specific topic or project. They foster creativity, encourage innovation, and lead to new insights and ideas that may not have been discovered otherwise.

  • OKR and KPI objective setting

  • Process optimisation

  • Retrospective

  • Strategic Direction


We develop coherent content and media strategies agnostic of devices, platforms, and ad formats

“Your audience don't use one platform - so why should you? We work across multiple channels to create a consistent stragety and messaging for your audience.”
Kevin O'Brien, Co-Founder
Kevin O'Brien, Co-Founder

Cross devices

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, TV

Cross platform

Facebook, YouTube, Sky, TikTok, Snapchat, websites, blogs, influencers, Instagram, twitter

Cross ad format

in feed, pre/mid/post roll, in article, 1st view, interstitial

Not for us

We like to focus on our strengths

We want to make it totally clear what you need to outsource from other providers, or perform in-house.


We don’t do web development


We don’t offer search engine optimisation


We don’t offer in-house production capabilities


We are not an influencer-finding agency


We don't buy linear TV or other offline channels
“We set up this agency because we actually enjoy what we do. OLV gives us the opportunity to think creatively about the internet and how people interact with content.”
Thom Clark, Co-Founder
Thom Clark, Co-Founder

Some kind words from our clients